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About Dilworth Mountain

Dilworth Mountain

Quiet and residential, yet conveniently located. Dilworth Mountain real estate can be considered an upscale Kelowna neighbourhood that truly has the best of both worlds

Dilworth mountain can be seen from almost any location in Kelowna and offers some of the best views of the city.

Dilworth Mountain is a fairly isolated mountain located in the centre of Kelowna. It divides the Glenmore and Rutland neighbourhoods and lies to the west of Knox Mountain. Dilworth Mountain rises a few hundred feet above the Okanagan Valley and offers absolutely spectacular views of Kelowna. While there are many residential neighbourhoods on Dilworth Mountain, there are still many beautiful natural areas.

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Neighbourhood Highlights


Dilworth Mountain is part of School District 23 which includes 16 Elementary Schools, 8 Middle Schools, and 5 Secondary Schools. Watson Road Elementary School, École Glenmore Elementary School, and École Dr. Knox Middle School are all within the Dilworth neighbourhood itself.


Along with many parks, playgrounds and outdoor sports fields and courts, both Parkinson Recreation Centre and Apple Bowl Stadium are located in the Dilworth neighbourhood itself.

The View

Because Dilworth Mountain is just that, a mountain, properties enjoy full panoramic views over Kelowna and Okanagan Lake that let you drink in the natural beauty of the valley from pretty much anywhere in the community.

Neighbourhood Details

Fun Facts

Iconic Mountain Views

Mount Dilworth is a proper mountain, albeit a short one, with an elevation just over 2,000 feet. Besides the amazing views you can also find Kelowna’s official flower the Arrowleaf Balsamroot alongside the trails if you take the time to stop and smell the flowers.

Neighbourhood Attractions

Kelowna Golf & Country Club

Known for its incredible scenery, traditional but challenging design make this a must-golf destination located right in the heart of Kelowna.
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Hiking Trails

Dilworth Mountain’s hiking trails are the ideal place to go for a walk and admire the remarkable views. Dilworth Mountain Park in particular rises 1,000 feet from the Okanagan Valley basin and offers breathtaking scenery along all of it’s trails.
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