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18 Things You Really Need For College

23 Incredibly Useful Products Every College Student Needs

Back-to-School Supplies Checklist

Okay, everyone needs the basics, from Kindergarten to College and everyone in between – but what are those basics and what is hot for this year’s student?

Let’s look at the five top items and some great recommendations before you set out to hit the shops! Click on the titles to check out more info (there’s a lot of info!)

  1. Backpack  when it comes to backpacks, there are a lot out there but the first question to ask is “who is going to use it? The Spruce has a great list that suggests different bags for different people like kids for example. The best things to look for in a great bag are good fit across the back and shoulders. Weight should be distributed evenly, shoulder straps should be wide and comfortable. Inside, the construction should be good quality with no raw unfinished edges or sloppy stitching.

    The 8 Best Backpacks to Buy in 2018



  1. notebooks & planners + pens/pencils Wow! there certainly a lot of choices today – Vegan journals even!?
    here are some suggestions
    The Best Notebooks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers
    and the days of using the old “Bic” pen seem to be far behind us….


  1. water bottle   reusable water bottles are a great idea for kids of all ages, not only do they save money and are great for the environment but keeping students hydrated has been shown to increase their focus and improve learning.  Natures Fare  here in Kelowna and Vernon stock a great range of bottles as do most big box stores. Make sure they are not leaching harmful chemicals into the drink before you consider buying.

    Choosing the best water bottle to send to school

    The Best Water Bottles
    the 20 ounce vacuum insulated Klean Kanteen       seems to stand out from the crowd on all points

     What bottle type is best for you?

  2. lunch box         while this lunchbox may look very retro – stainless steel is back in! Check out this great solution for organizing your midday meal! Again check out Natures Fare Stores in Kelowna for great lunch box ideas

     Stainless Steel Lunch Box     
     soft sided, zip style are very popular for younger students or try this

    Stainless Steel Divided Plate      



  1. some sort of electronic device!    

    The best tech for college students


Okay!!! so now you have homework of your own to do! Online shopping is a great tool but remember to support your local shops here in the Okanagan as well. We live in such a beautiful, thriving community, let’s give back to our shopkeepers by buying some of our back to school items locally. oh, and don’t forget that everyone needs a new outfit for the start of the school year, augh! See you at the mall……..

Thanks for reading our blog and come back often to see what’s new in and around our beautiful city of Kelowna!

Best wishes for back to school,

Tamara & Shannon

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