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Selling homes in the Okanagan can certainly be interesting. People sometimes ask us what is the craziest thing you have seen and it would be a toss up between the older lady hiding in the closet between a layer of clothes or the younger girl holding popular yoga position downward dog in a small loft during our whole showing.  Of course we can’t leave out the numerous times seeing pet extremities throughout a home or the one home we showed that felt like we were at our own private nightclub with wall to ceiling dark tile, black ceilings plush shag carpet, loud dance music all overlooking a gorgeous lakeview.  We could go on but we don’t have room to go into all our stories we will save some for next time. With everything we have seen when selling your home it comes down to a few basic tips.


  1. Keep your home neat and tidy
  2. Ensure buyers will feel comfortable when viewing your home preferably don’t be home and certainly not hiding so they can make them selves at home… After all you hope it will become their home
  3. You want to go after a wide audience of buyers as this will ensure you receive the highest price and it sells quickly. Don’t limit yourself like the dance club home did to going after only those that like to entertain long into the night


A few things we offer is stagers to help ensure your home shows its absolute best as well as professional photographs. Most buyers (95%) start their search online to its important your home is merchandised its best