Average Single Family Home Price

$600K - $900K+

Average Townhome Price

$500K - $700K

Average Condo Price

$600 to $300Mil+

*as reported in 2016 by OMREB for Central Okanagan

South East Kelowna is a gorgeous area with small acreages and beautiful golf courses; here, you can truly feel like you’re away from it all. While the neighbourhood feels rural, residents are still close to all of Kelowna’s top amenities and attractions.

south east kelowna

What We Love

There’s nothing like a relaxing drive through South East Kelowna, seeing the cherry and apple orchards in the fall, and smelling and see the blossoms in the spring. It's spectacular here!

The People

South East Kelowna real estate is most popular with families who are looking for quiet and spacious homes.

The Homes

You really can’t go wrong with South East Kelowna real estate! There are single-family homes, acreages, and sprawling estates in the area, as well as the unique townhomes in The Village Gallagher’s Canyon, set around the golf course.

The Lifestyle

Life in this neighbourhood is truly relaxed–where else will you see residents riding horseback down the roads? From the golf courses to the charming schools, such as South East Kelowna Elementary, it’s easy to fall in local with the local lifestyle.

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