Average Single Family Home Price


Average Townhome Price


Average Condo Price

$300K - $1.5Mil+

*as reported in 2016 by OMREB for Central Okanagan

Ever wonder what it’s like living in Downtown Kelowna? If you want late-night action, convenience, and hot real estate, then you’ll love it here!

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What We Love

Downtown’s culture, wineries, breweries, beaches, and shops are hard to beat. Brimming with creativity, there are plenty of art pieces throughout the community such as the Spirit of the Sail, an iconic sculpture by Dow Reid. We love the great outdoor skating rink at Stuart Park, which has a bear sculpture that lights up at night–perfect for those evening skates!

The People

Living in Downtown Kelowna is popular with a wide range of people; there aren’t a lot of young kids in the area, but there are plenty of young adults, hip couples, empty nesters, and seniors.

The Homes

Condos are the way to go if you want the true downtown experience, and you’ll find tons of them here! You’ll also see single-family homes as you get farther from the water, as well as some infills and new homes that cater to the high demand of real estate in the area.

The Lifestyle

Living in Downtown Kelowna means having a completely walkable lifestyle. If you’re visiting, you can easily park your car and stroll through the area. To really soak in the atmosphere, grab a coffee or gelato from Gio’s and enjoy a walk along the boardwalk.

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