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Lake Country is a fantastic small community just 20 minutes north of Kelowna. Currently, 12,000 people call Lake Country home, and as the Okanagan’s fastest growing community, this number is going to increase. This small community has seen so much change in the past few years that it has been noticed across the country, and has been featured in an article on CBC. In fact, the community has had its busiest year yet! While historically averaging around $30 million a year in investment from construction, the community has seen a record $68 million in new construction projects this past year, ranging from single family and multifamily homes to commercial buildings. Does this mean that Lake Country will be one of the Okanagan’s new real estate hot spots? With the current growth Lake Country will be home to excellent opportunities as it continues to grow so please contact the Stone Sisters for more information on this fantastic community and if it’s right for you.

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