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OK –  so the 23rd winter Olympics have just begun in Pyeongchang, South Korea

Are you ready?…………..For all of that armchair cheering?

You’re going to need some snacks to keep you going. If you really want to get the flavour of these Olympic Games, what better idea than to visit your local Korean restaurant! In Kelowna, BC we have several great authentic Korean restaurants in Kelowna for you to try for the first time …….or for you to revisit.

Best Korean Restaurants in Kelowna

Soban Korean Bistro
530 Bernard Avenue   – Menu

Gueng Korean Restaurant
467 Leon Ave

SS Korean Restaurant
280 Bernard Ave

Bon Ga Korean Cuisine
437 Glenmore Rd  – Menu

Soy Asian Fusion Restaurant
2900 Pandosy St – Menu

Korean Food Terms

If you are unfamiliar with Korean food, here are some words to get you started on your new food journey

Kimchi – salted white cabbage with a paste made with chili powder, garlic, onion, fish sauce and sometimes Korean radish ginger

Bibimbap – like mixed rice – cooked white rice is mixed with meat and vegetables and egg and topped with a variety of sauces

Bulgogi – means “fire meat” is grilled sliced or shredded beef marinated in a sweet soy sauce

There you go, you are started off on your new culinary experience! If you can’t tear yourself away from the TV then order take out or better yet delivery! Enjoy the first few days of the Olympics and be sure to come back to our blog webpage next week for some fun facts about the games.


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