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Due to a rental crunch with vacancy rates holding less than one percent, secondary suites are now legal in Kelowna, excluding Gallagher’s Canyon and Eastwood. The reason for the exclusion is the waste water disposal systems are not able to handle additional residents.

Most single family areas in the city were made legal to hold a suite in 2012; however, many development zones were left out.

“There were a couple of zoning applications in 2014 and 2015 in Quail Ridge that precipitated this request from council,” said planner Ryan Smith.

There has also been an alteration in requiring a business license to rent out a secondary suite or carriage house. There are currently many illegal suites in the CD zones, therefore removing the requirement of a business license will let them become legal and safe.

“From a neighbourhood impact perspective, there was some concern over the years as to how secondary suites would change a neighbourhood,” said Smith. “There really isn’t an impact, other than providing another housing type.”

The above issue will go to public hearing.

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