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Kelowna South encompasses the area between Harvey Road and KLO, and Gordon Drive and Lake Okanagan. This is a popular area in Kelowna as it’s centrally located and includes the hospital as well as some fantastic shopping, restaurants, and cafes. The south end runs parallel to Lake Okanagan making this a fantastic neighbourhood for the beach-minded.

Kelowna South is one of Kelowna’s original neighbourhoods and as such you will find many older character homes in this area, although infills are an increasing occurrence and will likely increase as Kelowna grows. Homes in this area are also very rentable as it’s a highly desirable neighbourhood making it a great option for investors.

As one of Kelowna’s original neighbourhoods, the area has been able to maintain that historic sense of charm while keeping up with Kelowna’s growth. This is a great up and coming trendy neighbourhood. It offers terrific walkability and many recreational options.

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