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Clean, safe drinking water is one step closer for citizens of South East Kelowna and a plentiful supply of agricultural irrigation water is coming to the South Mission.

The 3-year project will see a new drinking water system built in South East Kelowna as well as reliable water for agricultural users in the South Mission.

Clean drinking water infrastructure funding has been approved by Council for Southeast Kelowna. Council has approved a budget amendment to cover a 22 million dollar project shortfall for Kelowna Integrated Water Project – Phase 1. The amendment includes funding for the city’s portion from Utility reserves as well as city financing for South East Kelowna Irrigation District (SEKID) ratepayers.

The 86 million dollar project is partially funded by a 43.9 million dollar provincial and federal grant. The project will see clean drinking water supplied to Southeast Kelowna and a reliable, resilient source of water for agricultural in the South Mission. Construction will start in the south Mission this July!

For the most part water transmission and distribution lines are located under roads – and that means road construction.
The project includes major upgrades to the City’s core south-end water infrastructure including the pump stations, reservoirs and installation of large diameter transmission main.  While road construction can be challenging infrastructure is necessary to serve the City’s residents, and this project will bring clean, safe drinking water to more than six per cent of Kelowna citizens.


For more information click on the link below to take you to the SEKID water project update page to learn more about what is happening in Kelowna’s south east – great for the community

Water Quality Improvement update -May 7, 2018

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