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Express Your Bottle Returns! Sign Up Today!

Did you know there is now a faster and more convenient way to return your drink containers here in Kelowna! Everyone’s gotta love that, right?

Return-It Express is the new simple and convenient way to return your beverage containers for refund! With Express, you no longer need to spend time counting and sorting your containers – just bag them and drop them off at an Express Depot. They do the rest!
The drop off location for Kelowna is 1936 Kent Road – CLICK HERE for map


Just sign up online with an email address and your cell number – it’s that easy! SIGN UP HERE Once you have registered, pack your drink containers into clear or blue plastic bags. At the RETURN-IT EXPRESS centre type in your cell number, select the number of labels you need (you will need one label per bag) and press print!  Stick them on your bags and place them in the window – VOILA! your bottles are gone! In a few days, you will receive an email with the dollar amount credited to your account. Once you reach over $10 you then send yourself an e-transfer and the money is yours! Yay!

Go on! what are you waiting for? Feel good and earn money at the same time!

Let us know how you get on in the comments below! And, if you have any great tips or hints for Kelowna then let us know and we can post it here!

Keep checking back to our blog for more great ideas and thank you for reading!

Tamara & Shannon Stone



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