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Fall is here! And to celebrate we have searched for and collected the top ten ways to decorate your home this season to maximize your comfort, while keeping things sophisticated and elegant.

Top 10 ways to decorate your home this fall:

  1. Add seating to a bedroom or nook for a lounge-like appeal and a cozy place to read a book.
  2. Add a throw blanket and pillows to your couch or chaise for sophistication and warmth.
  3. Play with colours! Paint the walls with a warm, inviting colour, or decorate with coloured or neutral pillows, pictures and paintings.
  4. Mix and match patterns and materials! Add a soft carpet or area rug to your living space.
  5. Add sweet scented candles or diffusers.
  6. Bring nature indoors! Place a few plants around the house. Succulent plants in fish bowls add a fresh look and colour to any room.
  7. Use dim lighting for a softer, cozier feel to your space. Decorate with string lights, get creative!
  8. For dinner parties or entertaining, decorate your dining room table with a center piece using painted pumpkins, fallen leaves, and flowers of your choice.
  9. Fire up the fireplace! Fireplaces are perfect for creating a warm, comforting place to sit and read a book, or simply visit with family and friends.
  10. Decorate your porch with corn husks, a basic basket with firewood placed inside, or pumpkins!