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Click on this image to view the Kelowna real estate market update for 2017!


Here is a great snapshot of some of the things that occurred in Kelowna last year.
Some of the titles may not be familiar to you, like us – we had to google what the Dark Fibre Network is? Here is a link to what we found Kelowna Dark Fibre Network

A whopping 43,381 service requests were received; 427 km of sidewalk was maintained along with 1,640 km of roadway. Here is a useful link to the service request website in case you wanted to know what types of requests are being made – Kelowna Service Request ranges from anything to reporting graffiti and inquiries concerning garbage pickup to emergency requests and even includes information about the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetary. It’s an awesome resource for all city dwellers, check it out!

There was a ton of action at Kelowna Airport – YLW (this is the three letter code used in all aviation for our city of Kelowna!) The stats say that there were 1.9 million passengers that traveled through Kelowna’s Airport in 2017 – looks like everyone wants to fly here!

They don’t only visit us by way of air travel, as this printout also states that we had a grand total of 5.9 million visitors to our fair city last year!

Of course, we all know about our new Police Services building opening up  Kelowna Police Services Building this past year but perhaps you don’t know how many new parking stalls have been added?

The graphic states that we now have 519 new parking spaces in the Memorial Parkade and 197 new stalls in the Library Parkade, something to think about when you are driving around looking for that perfect spot!


Now to the real estate stuff! There are 7,431 building permits issued in 2017 – 896 new single-family homes were built and 1,579 multi-family units built! Along with that, it’s reassuring to know that 5,300 trees were planted in 2017 in Kelowna and that we have 219 parks to enjoy!

Just some fun interesting facts about Kelowna that you may not have known about.


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