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It is 2019! – we still can’t get used to saying it but how will this year pan out for you? How will you define this year? Many people on social media have decided they will choose a word to help them focus on what is important to them. Some have even been doing if for the last few years. What word would you choose? If you go online, you can find many articles about how using a word helps to keep us on track for the year. If it assists you to achieve your goals for the year, it may be worth pausing for a moment…………… and thinking about your word.

Some word suggestions we found online were


Geneva Vanderzeil writes about it on her blog “If you use a single word to define and guide your year, it’s easy at the end of the year to review your year in a broad way, by asking yourself: ‘Did this year reflect -insert your defining word here?’”.

It can be helpful to use your chosen word to gain more focus on what you want to achieve for 2019.


Everyday Gyaan wrote on her word of the year blog post of January 1st this year…..” I know for some of us 1st January is just another day. But I’ve always considered it to be a chance at a fresh start. For some years now, I’ve given up on making New Year’s resolutions because of the guilt that accompanied the breaking of them. But spending time at the end of the year and today on reflection helps me find a word of the year that inspires me through the year!”


Her word for this year is “light”   she says in her blog that she wants to “be light, feel light, extend light, see light, find light and defend the light.”

Meaghan of Meaghan Gets Real writes  “word of the year has been a great way for me to set more general goals that I can then break into smaller pieces. It can be tempting to over generalize your hopes and goals into one word. ……..Don’t treat this like a resolution. Your word needs to hold weight and matter. As you think of your word, think of the goals you want to set for 2019. Think of the direction you want to take your year. What word best sums that up?”   Why not give it a try? Grab a cup of tea, a glass of wine or go for a leisurely stroll and ponder about what single word describes how you want this year to go. You can write it down, tell a friend, let the whole world know your word or just keep it to yourself.  But, if you want your word to matter, add goals and directions to your word and you could end up seeing some real change in this year. Use your word to push yourself towards the goals you have set for 2019.

What is your word for 2019?

Let us know in the comments below! Take one moment to put your word in below – we’d love to see the comments section filled with your inspiration for 2019! and thank you

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