Are We Double Lucky When It Comes to Potential Home Buyers?

If you are a resident of the Okanagan, you know how amazing life is here!

The climate is pretty temperate with a nice change of seasons but not the bitter cold of the prairie provinces or the relentless rain of the lower mainland or the island!

We used to brag that you could ski and play a round of golf in the same day! We still can!



Home prices are attractive to large urban dwellers as those who visit from Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary are often surprised how far their real estate dollar could go in our urban areas.

Lifestyle also plays a huge desirability factor as we have traffic yes but not the jams that you find in large cities and when was the last time you had to wait in a lineup of more than two people for the gas pump? There are smaller lineups for grocery store checkouts, smaller lineups for movies, and if you forget to plan ahead an make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, you will probably still get in!

Let’s face it, life here is pretty darn good. We have a lot of activities for all ages. So when it comes to potential buyers wanting a reason to move here we are spoiled for choice. Seniors and or retirees find life wonderful here, not to mention affordable if they are coming from a more expensive real estate market. Imagine the feeling of selling your family home and buying a better home for less money and then investing the left over to help fund your retirement! Many are finding this easily doable here in the Okanagan.

Job growth is another reason people are moving here. BC has one of the lowest unemployment numbers in all of Canada right now and it has been that way for years. Kelowna and West Kelowna are expanding and job opportunities mean new residents from other parts of the country. Last year we were third place in growth in jobs behind Saskatoon and Guelph, Ontario. Okay of the three where would you like to live? And in 2017, we ranked #2 for job market performance.

When you have visitors and take them around to all of the gorgeous sites of our valley, it hits you what a beautiful place we live and how lucky we are to have landed here! Tell your friends, tell your family and realize that our real estate, your home, has great value and will always have a buyer if you are willing to part with it!


If you have questions about your home’s worth then always feel free to contact us and we can help you learn your home’s value.


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