City Council’s 4-year plan for Kelowna

Kelowna's City Council has established their priorities for their upcoming term, agreeing on six key areas integral in Kelowna life that they wish to improve between 2019 and 2022.

Council has decided that they will focus their attention on:
Community safety, and reducing crime in the city;
Making Kelowna social and inclusive by reducing the homeless population and increasing diversity;
Improving transport and mobility;
Developing residentially, with high-quality site design and affordable housing;
Establishing economic resiliency by reducing the infrastructure deficit and making Kelowna "investment-friendly";
Implementing environmental protection, and adapting to climate change plans.

The Councillors will keep track of their progress by publishing a list of initiatives each January, which they are conducting to advance and complete their goals. Each spring, they will take an opportunity to report on their progress.

Click on this video to see Kelowna’s priority plan

"We know that the world is changing more rapidly than ever," said Mayor Colin Basran. "Our residents want us to be proactive in that change, not passive observers. We are making an open and clear commitment to residents about what we want to achieve. Reporting annually will keep us accountable to achieving what we said we would."

The City's administrative leadership will focus more directly on three distinct areas to achieve their results: financial management, clear direction, and people.
Photo Credit: City of Kelowna
Photo Credit: City of Kelowna

"As an organization, we work at Council's direction to deliver the best results for residents and enable our community to thrive," said City Manager Doug Gilchrist. "Council has set the direction of the change they want to see and in turn, we as an administration have identified how we will support that shift."
Halfway through the Council's term they will update their goals to reflect progress and respond to changes, challenges, and opportunity presented in the first half of their term.

A full list of the council's priorities for the next several years can be found here.

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