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Winter is on its way! But if you act now, you can stay cozy all winter and feel safe in the knowledge that you have already winterized your home! This is, by the way, your biggest asset! You won’t need to worry about things going wrong in the worst weather!


1. Gutters – it’s hard to imagine that you would have to think of the spring thaw right now! If your gutters are clogged then melting snow may not have anywhere to go but inside your home! Check your gutters to make sure they are clean and clear of debris, especially those leaves!








2. The Furnace! – it’s sorta like going to the Dentist! Once or twice a year, get your furnace looked at just like your teeth! An expert can double check that everything is running smoothly.  It’s a good idea to have your gas fireplace running while the furnace technician is there. They can check the fireplace out too. Also, be sure to change the all important furnace filter, especially if you have pets!


3. Doors – If you can see daylight coming in the bottom of your front door then it’s time to check the weather stripping. Sealing the gaps around doors and windows not only keeps your home warm and cozy but can cut heating costs by up to 10-15%! That’s gotta feel good!



Be sure to check all smoke detectors and CO2 detectors throughout your home. Replace or repair them and make sure the batteries are up to date.


5. And Don’t Forget The Vents

Check all of your vent flaps, stove & dryer vents to make sure that they close fully. Repair or clean them as needed and you will go a long way to keeping the cold out!


Thanks for checking out these tips with us and remember if you have any questions about our current real estate market here in Kelowna, call us!

See you next time

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